I am in the recovery process from a double lung surgery back in January 2011. Having the specter of an unhappy ending hanging over me for years before my surgery; it’s time for me to speak my mind. I want to share my thoughts with anyone who is looking for information about various things, scratch cooking, cooking without a recipe, cooking tips, new interests, how to be a friend and sharing in general – then I’m your girl! I am a self-taught cook and have no complaints for the crowd that hangs out here.

As I blog along, I will share some recipes from 45 years of home cooking. I will also share recipes I find online that turn out like the author promises. I really want to teach people to cook supper without having to use a recipe and to work with ingredients they normally have on hand. Some call this scratch cooking, others call this cooking by sight.

I have enough experience for two life times. I blogged the first half of my life and my son’s childhood at Get Over Yourself. Down the road, should my grandchildren wonder about something they failed to ask me before I check out, it is there. This blog is to make me happy and I hope you find happiness here. This is a KISS project for sharing.

Let, us share experiences. When I was a manager, I worked on and taught the staff the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). I am happy to listen to your story. I am a 10th generation Southerner with a wicked sense of humor. I pretty much write like I speak, so if you find me abrupt, frank and straight forward you have tuned into me. If not, tune me out by changing pages.


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