I’m Back!

Okay, the two of you that use to care and read my blogs can stand up and cheer now, I am back.

I got side tracked 18 months ago with getting a double lung transplant. I thought I would blog about the process and fill the world in about my experience. Not!

I am extremely happy with getting a badly needed re-do and thankful the lung surgery itself was so successful.  The doctors were outstanding, every one of them. The PA, nurses and staff were awesome all day and night for 78 days. I wasn’t so successful. I managed to have severe reactions to every medication they put me on. My body physically refused to co-operate with them. I made them work extra hard for every inch of ground we gained. If it sounds like war; it wasn’t really, just quite a battle. After 18 months, I now feel like Phoenix rising from the ashes. I am able to blog, cook and be a grandmother again.

Beware, I am a 10th generation Southerner, who is  just a wee bit salty at times. I want to share recipes that I began using 45 years ago as I now see them all over the Internet. Also, I  want to share various experiences from being a COB, which I was unceremoniously anointed by a friend for Crusty Old Broad.

I ran into a nice recipe for sandwich buns, which I made this week. They are more like an artisan bread, but a good sandwich roll. Sandwich Bread in 60 Minutes.

I remembered that I have a hamburger bun recipe, which is more like store-bought buns. I couldn’t find the recipe and had to call my former daughter-in-law who graciously re-shared it with me. Which brings me back to my original intent with blogging. I realized I need to share my experience with those interested in the rantings of a crusty old broad. If you pick up cooking tips or a recipe to die for in the process then I am happy. Once I make my hamburger recipe and maybe manage a photo or two, then I will share.


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