Super Hold For Curls

I know I fuss about side effects of transplant surgery, but one had some surprising results. My hair began to thin and break off. Swell, now If I didn’t have enough to deal with — I was going bald. I found a lot of amazing stuff on the Internet to help thinning hair. I don’t normally spend $22.00 for shampoo, but this time I did. Another side effect was that I didn’t have to shave my legs for almost a year. How neat is that!  One doctor said I had a 50/50 chance of my hair coming back and another said probably not.  I am here to tell you that not only has hair  returned in my former abundance, but it is curly to boot. I have been in “how in the HELL do I handle this hair” mode for six months.

Anyway, lets talk about my new favorite hair product. It is made by La Bella Beauty. It is a gel, doesn’t flake, nor have alcohol in it. I use super hold styling gel level 10. It is blue, in a 40 oz tub and probably on the bottom shelf at your grocery store away from the big brand named products which get prime exposure.. Get this, it costs $2.98.   It is manufactured in California and they have a wide line of products.

LaBella Beauty   first go to the products link and then the styling link to review their great line of products. The price is great and the amount of product will last a really long time..


3 thoughts on “Super Hold For Curls

  1. I’m going to try theses products. Always looking for something good to hold my straight-as-a-board hair and especially something for my sandle-clad rough, dry feet. Very happy to see these products are MADE IN AMERICA !! Thanks for the tip~Dana

    • the problem is me, I didn’t get to my email yesterday. I used LaBella yesterday, a wee bit more than previously. I got up this morning, ran my hands through my hair, it fell in to place, perked up in the right places where I ran damp fingers and I was on my way.

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