Bacon in Small Bites

from nona with love

I found this appetizer recipe at All which I often check out. It is a cream cheese/green onion filling in a mushroom and then wrapped in bacon. I try hard to keep processed meats and bacon out of our diet.  But bacon is part of everyone’s DNA. Just say bacon and you automatically can smell it. This is a cheater recipe, small bites of joy. About three of these puppies are enough. Then you need to back off.

The recipe calls for 2 ( 8 ounces)packages  of cream cheese.  This is way too much unless you have about 50 mushrooms and are expecting a crowd to show up. One package of cream cheese should be enough. Adjust the green onions to taste and chop pretty fine.  Also, put the wrapped mushroom on a rack on your baking sheet. This will let the bacon fat drip off, and it will keep the mushrooms from absorbing too much fat OK,  I am so  proud, got a cooking tip in.

Go to: Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms


3 thoughts on “Bacon in Small Bites

  1. These sound great! I’ll try them for our customer party in November !! I ran across Aunt Swent’s Chocolate Cake recipe the other day. The index card is yellow and crusty…but I can still read it. Haven’t made it in years…sounds very much like the one on the Hershey’s can with added goodies. Enjoy your Blog. I’m working on my Blog, but technology isn’t my passion, so it’s slow going.

    • I am having a lot of trouble with new blog. wordpress has changed and my logic just isn’t there any more. I have Aunt Swint’s chocolate pie recipe if you want it. I will swap you for her chocolate cake recipe. I am sorry I didn’t get Aunt Clyde’s lemon cake recipe. I still make your Mother’s pecan pie. Almost for 40 years now- 36 or 37 at least. I think we missed our 40th anniversary!
      I saw a picture of her somewhere on your site. She had her hair down with a really good cut. She looked great, but after all the years with the bun, it was a shock.

  2. Hmmmm… I didn’t get your reply…just now happened to run across it. I’m following your Blog and getting e-mails, so I don’t know what happened. I personally detest wordpress…not user friendly. Anyway, I’d love Aunt Swint’s chocolate pie recipe. I’ll e-mail you her chooclate cake recipe. The only lemon cake recipe I have is the one Granny used to make called Lemon Jello Cake. Interesting, I didn’t know Mother had a pecan pie recipe. I always use the one from Betty Crocker. If you ever want an awesome Coconut Cake or 7-up Cake recipe, let me know…I have both.

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