Roasted Hatch Chilies in Cream Sauce.

The original recipe which comes from Simply Recipes calls for Problanos chilies . Don’t dismiss this dish because it is made with chili peppers. It is very mild once you remove  the seeds and hot membranes from the roasted chilies. On the website they use Poblanos chilies. I have used Simply Recipes for several years. Her Mexican food recipes leans toward Tex/Mex which we prefer.

Today I am making these tacos with Hatch chilies.  Hatch are only in season in August. When they come in from the farms in New Mexico, we all shop. We roast them and freeze them for later use. Well today is later.  I am ready for these tacos as a side dish to an enchilada casserole and a pot of pinto beans. Actually I just tasted the beans to see if I need to adjust the seasoning. Oh my God, this is a pot of beans to make “yo slap yo mama” as we say in Texas.

This is not a pretty dish, but once they are in the tortilla no one notices. For the taco you can use flour or corn tortillas which ever is your preference. Rajas con Crema means pepper strips with cream. La creama is a cousin to sour cream. I use it as a side dish without the tortilla.  Simply Recipes has a wonderful explanation on how to roast chilies along with  photos. Are you ready for Roasted Poblanos in Cream Sauce. ? Enjoy!


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