Easy-Roll Dough Roll Enhancer

Wow, you learn something new everyday! This one blows my mind. It is an easy roll dough enhancer from King Arthur Flour Company. It keeps your dough from shrinking or snapping back while rolling, especially pizza dough. It is $7.95 for 12 ounces, which will do 6 to 8 pies. I think I will try it as the holidays are nearing. I will let you know my success. The reviews were big on it, so that is a plus.  By the way, they had enhancers for practically everything, cakes, pies,  whole grain bread, rye bread and others.

whole grain bread improver

bread enhancer

Try this link at King Arthur Flour: Easy -roll dough enhancer


4 thoughts on “Easy-Roll Dough Roll Enhancer

  1. Ah-ha. I was a little confused about your reference to the King Arthur “dough enhancer”. I use dough enhancer from another source and recently was trying to figure out exactly what it did and the “enhancer” basically provides extra nutrients for the yeast. The King Arthur product you linked to is an “improver” (in other places called a “relaxer”) and does exactly what you describe. But from other source “enhancer” might not be what you want.

    • Thanks for the observation. I suspect a nutrient enhancer, improver or relaxer all address yeast in a similar manner as yeast requires something to enhance it sugar, egg, etc. I hate how pizza dough shrinks while you are putting ingredients on it so my vote for the relaxer. The King Arthur improver product probably is the best bet as all yeast recopies have enhancers in the recipe.

  2. Also, while I’m fond of King Arthur products I did an interesting test once.

    My wife does most shopping (her favorite pasttime) at Costco and one day came home with a 25lb bag of flour since in bulk it cost only slightly more than 5lb of King Arthur. But I explained that she’d gotten All-Purpose which was fine for some things but not usually for bread. So the next week she arrives with 25lb bag (ConAgra) bread flour, but of course it is bleached whereas all the bread book insist on unbleached.

    So I tried an experiment. Using the Lahey recipe I did two stirato side-by-side with the King Arthur unbleached bread flour and the ConAgra bleached bread flour and did a blind taste test with half a dozen people and none could tell any difference. It’s possible there would be a difference in other recipes but now I just routinely use the bulk flour.

    Also, the loaf baker from King Arthur, if you haven’t already tried it, works remarkably well and in conjunction with the Lahey’s recipe produces artisan quality (frankly I think my bread beats the best we can get here). Plus they have a really great “wisk” that works really well if you’re doing a recipe that needs manual mixing.

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