Fried Peach Pies

Today, I made Lela’s Fried Peach Pies by Christy Jordan from Southern

fried pie

I wanted to try Christy’s version as the dough for fried pies don’t normally hold up. This one did. Big hint though – don’t wear black when you are making a crust.  She has two versions, the one I made today with regular dough crust and  one using canned biscuit dough. On the second recipe, she does have good photos of cooking dried fruit and how to  roll out dough. She has a video  making the first recipe with Al Roker.  It makes 10 pies. I weighed the dough at 20 oz.  I made each crust at 2 oz.  I think next time I will reduce to 1¾ oz. as I had extra peach mixture and could have used a little more pie crust.

Version 1 Homemade Crust

Version 2 Canned Biscuits

Enjoy in good health!


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