Meatballs and Spaghetti With an Unusual Spice

I found this recipe on a blog and printed it out. Yesterday, I cooked this recipe. Much to my surprise there were no credits, urls, and nothing printed to hint where I got the recipe. I always prefer to give the original blogger credit for their work. After a little searching, I found it is from Can You Stay for Dinner? blog. Bow down to Google for coming through.

My Favorite Meatballs as made by her step father, P.J., has an unusual twist as it uses mint instead of basil or thyme. The recipe is well documented with photos, but  P.J. is cooking three batches in the photos. Not a problem, the recipe is for a single batch.

I am intrigued with the use of 2 ½ teaspoons of mint and 2 teaspoons of oregano in the meatballs. I think next time I would personally prefer to substitute basil for half of the oregano. The oregano was strong, perhaps because I grew it on my patio.  Because I use San Marzano canned tomatoes which are naturally sweet, I would cut sugar back from 3 tablespoons to two. With the recipe being for one batch, I felt the meatballs should be somewhat smaller to be completely covered by the sauce. That worked out great. The more meatballs they see: the happier men are. I don’t bother to tell them, it is still one pound of ground beef.

Even in a city the size of San Antonio, I had trouble locating the mint. I went to Spice Island online which referred me to a distributor who sells to individuals. carries many brands.


Meatballs with Mint

Now to the results. I liked it, but I don’t think my guys would vote it over my meatballs and spaghetti. I have never written my recipe down and I promise to soon.They graded it a B to mine, but that is pretty good praise from guys.  In the meantime, this is a nice change at : My Favorite Meatballs and Spaghetti.


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