The Old Biloxi-Vancleave Special

The Old Biloxi Vancleave Special is actually a Cheese and Crab Po’boy sandwich. This recipe web site was passed to me by a friend, knowing I am originally from the gulf coast. This blog relates the origins of the Biloxi to Vancleave location to the sandwich.Because of the interesting history, the blog for the cheese and crab po’boy is lengthy, but enjoyable. This is a good version for crab patties recipe. She also has a link to a shrimp gumbo which I particularly like. Here is the special of the day: Cheese and Crab Po’boy.


2 thoughts on “The Old Biloxi-Vancleave Special

  1. Love your recipes, just reading them takes me home to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I live just up the road from you, near Canyon Lake.

    • Thank you. I’ve been up to Canyon Lake many times, it is a beautiful area. I’ve been off line for two weeks, first with company and then with a computer virus which I managed to conquer today. I am so happy you stopped by. What town are you from in Mississippi?

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