Spicy and Sweet Corn Mac-N-Cheese

I have many, many recipes of my own that I want to share. But I got sidetracked and found this  great blog. Amy is intent on home gardening, fresh vegetables and attention to detail in her recipes.. Amy’s recipe for macaroni and cheese with fresh corn and fresh jalapeños is great. I made it earlier today to go with a rack of baby back ribs that Bear grilled for dinner.

Amy cooks for a larger family that I do, so I halved the recipe with the exception of spices, I kept them the same. Cheese and salt, I also halved.  I  used 2 cups of whipping cream with ½ cup milk for the liquid requirements as I needed to use the cream soon. It made it just a little richer.

Instead of jalapeño peppers, I used mild Hatch chilies. Still nursing some from the August/September crop of Hatch. This is a really nice version of macaroni and cheese as I love both fresh corn and peppers in almost anything. Here is Amy’s  Mac-N-Cheese.  Enjoy in good health.


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