Curry Roasted Cauliflower with Sweet Peas

I rarely cook with curry. Mainly because you don’t often see it as an ingredient except with Indian food. This looked great on the blog. It looked easy to make, which is always a plus with me. I had cauliflower on hand any way. Since we eat a lot of Tex/Mex, Vietnamese and Chinese I found the heat tolerable. If you aren’t in to spicy, you may want to use one teaspoon of curry instead of the two teaspoons in the recipe. I liked it as the cauliflower bottoms were crusty.The oil created the browning for the crusty effect.  I imagine you could substitute all the spices with dill weed and roast as shown. Now that I have thought of it, I will try that myself next time.

Curry Cauliflower

Curry Cauliflower with Sweet Peas

I do make a layered casserole dish  that I like of crushed Ritz™ crackers, blanched asparagus and cheese soup with 1 teaspoon of curry  That is about my expertise with curry.

When I was recovering from surgery and Bear was the chief cook and bottle washer; he learned to microwave cauliflower. He has it down pat now, but initially it was almost mush. Trial and error cooking I call it. Since he normally cooks everything in one pot, the kids call his efforts – ranch cooking.  Back to blog I visited. It’s called Can You Stay for Dinner and here is the link for the Curry Cauliflower. If you like curry flavor, this is a nice and easy way to go.


3 thoughts on “Curry Roasted Cauliflower with Sweet Peas

    • Of course. The main thing is that it didn’t bother either of our stomachs, so it is a keeper. I have company the first week of November, other than that the bed and breakfast is open to you.

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