This blog is exactly one year before I had transplant. It took me 18 months to start blogging again. How thankful I am that I can do this.

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January 16, 2010

Color me happy! Carmen came at 9 am, cleaned all the furniture and put almost everything back in place. Carmen is a wonderful lady and I would be completely lost without her. She takes initiative and if she sees something she thinks needs to be cleaned, she gets right on it. My previous housekeeper acted like she was doing me a favor and was unreliable about showing up on time or at all.

We still have a couple of things in the garage to cull before bring back into the house. Occasionally, I like breakfast for supper so we had waffles and bacon. I should have stayed in the kitchen, the Spurs were out-grizzled by Memphis at 92-86. Yeah, I know it was a back-to-back game, but 3rd quarters on the road seem to be a jinx for us.

I sat in the living room, all aloneā€¦

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