No Fail Pie Crust and Much More

I have saved a recipe from Wives With Knives for Glazed Apple Pie Bars. I do want to try them soon. On the web blog, Cathy uses a recipe for No Fail Pie Crust which I have used for at least 25 years. Cathy gives credit to Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman for the crust recipe. Ree received it from one of her readers. Back in 2010 when I was waiting for my lung transplant and very compromised, I bought Ree Drummond’s first cookbook. I was so inspired, I cooked from it for weeks. Here is my reaction to her recipes from a blog I had in 2010 called  Love Letter to Ree Drummond.

I started using the No Fail Pie Crust  years ago from an article in the San Antonio Express News on an up and coming chef at a local restaurant. I would gladly give him credit, but he and the restaurant are both long gone. This recipe makes three pie crusts which I find especially handy. If I am cooking for the holidays I will need three crusts for sure. I make one pumpkin and two pecan pies for Thanksgiving. Someone always want to take some pecan pie to go, so I am happy to make sure we have left overs.

The Glazed Apple Pie Bars are really good.

  1. Because she uses a great pie crust
  2. Because she uses great ingredients and the photos are mouth-watering.
  3. I am considering doing the apple pie bars for Thanksgiving instead of the Apricot Brandy Pound Cake. For my son who will be disappointed, I will make it for Christmas dinner.

Kathy said she only uses three tablespoons of water of the five tablespoons in Ree’s recipe. I have always used five tablespoons with success.  Ree documents the process step by step if you are not familiar with making pie crusts. She used a pastry blender for the first time. I still use “two knives” with success. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

No Fail Pie Crust recipe is a tried and true recipe and I always get rave reviews on my pies. You can freeze the extra crusts for future use. I can whip up a pie in a flash if needed because I always have a crust in the freezer. It defrosts in about 30 minutes and you are in business. I just ordered from King Arthur Flour their dough enhancer mainly to make rolls, but I am going to use it with the pie crust recipe. Get the information at: Dough Enhancer.

I am extremely happy to share the links for the Wives with Knives Glazed Apple Pie Bars and the Pioneer Woman’s step-by-step instructions to make a pie crust. You will be delighted with the results. Be sure to share them with somebody you love.


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