Bear’s Journey Ground Turkey, Broccoli and Pasta

My husband is on a diet. After 10 years of my complaining, he finally gave in. For a jump start he is using Advocare products because our lovely goddaughter lost 148 pounds in the last 18 months, so she was the inspiration for this. Anyway, I want to share this ground turkey with broccoli and pasta recipe I used  as he really enjoyed it. It has ground turkey, broccoli and  gluten free pasta all which are acceptable for his diet. Along with using the Advocare products for the first 24 days, he has given up dairy, wheat and sugar.

He only drinks one soda a day, so giving up sugar was easy, but giving up cheese, now that is a sacrifice. If you would like to track with him and encourage him, his blog is at Bear’s Journey. Now you see why I wanted him to diet!


Ground Turkey, Broccoli and Pasta

Ground Turkey, Broccoli and Pasta

Bear’s Meals: I didn’t have fennel seeds as called for in the recipe, I substituted with sliced celery and 1/4 tsp celery salt.  Here is the link for the ground turkey/broccoli and noodles recipe:I got it from  Real Simple Recipes as it is one of my favorite blogs..

If you are interested in looking over the diet plan and product it is at :Bears Advocare Page.


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