I am Tired of Fiscal Cliff Panic

Note the category is marked Rant so prepare yourself.

Fiscal Cliff, Fiscal Cliff, Fiscal Cliff. Every time I hear it, I want to scream. We all know that the House wants to kick the can down the road and stay partisan to keep their constituents happy.

Here are my suggestions:

Grover Norquist  needs to get over himself. I am not his captive. Speaker of the House Boehner needs to form a bi-partisan committee in the house to clearly define to the American people exactly what we are getting. Then carefully explain to the public exactly what is going on. First of all, extend the tax break for 6 months. Then carefully explain to the public, the present 2% decrease is not revenue, but actually a decrease in the federal taxes for our future social security and medicare benefits. Income tax is revenue. Then media just say “tax”, not making a distinction between FICA taxes and income tax. People forget they use to pay the 2% towards Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Let’s stop all the fiscal cliff panic for the moment. The media needs to stop the constant fear tactic of fiscal cliff and put out clear information, not the scary headline, but the complete story. Sound bytes are not what we need to hear. Break it down fairly and completely, don’t just give us what is sensational. Congress and the media need to talk to us, not at us.

Congress is managing by confusion. No one knows 100% what is going on. Education of the public is a must. Gridlock is no longer acceptable. Getting everyone worked up about the fiscal cliff is of no earthly value, except for the talking heads.

On January 1 2013, the committee would have a couple of months to devise a workable plan and present it to our elected officials to debate, refine and bring to the floor. Perhaps a over-site committee of regular citizens who live in the real world that can point out fallacies and real world logic before it goes to the floor. By then the public should be educated that the 2% in their pockets are going to disappear and that will affect the economy. Employers need to be encouraged to give livable wages, decent raises and hire people. We will respond to them appropriately. They are creating their own gridlock. Protecting the future of Medicare and Social Security is a responsibility of every American, we need to stop getting the 2% for our own future entitlement benefits.

The tax code needs to be simplified, so the lobbyists have no need to keep circling Congress like buzzards. Close loop holes, show the middle class they only save a couple of 100 dollars with the home owner deduction, but the people making over $250,000 save $5000 or more on that loophole. With closed loopholes for all, some consideration for working poor, flat taxes on the rest of us, the math should work. Republicans are all for closing loop holes, how much revenue will that generate?  Not enough. Or in lieu of income tax, look at what revenue a national sales tax would generate. This is matter of adding and subtracting. Our budgeting process is decimated by Congress for special interests. The special interest should be for the taxpayers, not lobbyist. In reality if China decided to destroy us, they could simply call in our notes to them. Of course, that would ruin the global economy. Like Hitler,  what is the new Chinese government interested in conquering – the world?

Every American should know just how much of the revenue shortfall they should burden and expect the tax burden be distributed prorated on income/earnings. With$16,000 a year in social security income one would think I wouldn’t have to pay taxes, but if I make a withdrawal from my 401/IRA; it is taxable. If I am forced by very expensive medications to sell stock, then I have to plan on capital gains. I am paying taxes annually. Because I am a transplant patient, I have one (1) medication which is $8,200 for a 90 day supply by my mail-in-prescription service. My medical costs make the donut hole laughable. When one hears an advertisement  about a prescription drug there is a lot of talk about side effects. Most people don’t realize that the FDA only approves a product if it does what the manufacture says it does. It doesn’t take into consideration if the product is safe or not. FDA doesn’t do anything about safety until high risk side effects or death occurs. I know this is costing the taxpayer a lot of money. I am sorry that is another of my side rants for a future date.

SOMEONE, how about CNN, needs to put a pencil to this. Someone without special interest who can do simple math and can get access to the tax laws and knows how all successful legislation is done behind closed doors. Personal fear of not getting re-elected, the Grover Norquists, and far right groups have put the rest of us at risk. The Congress needs to do what is right for all of us, including the Democrats. Undo the gridlock, please.

I am retired, disabled and elderly and constantly wonder why all these elected people are willing to put themselves and having their way in front of what is best for America. Greed is such an ugly word.


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