Great Review on “The Pat Conroy Cookbook” – about the author, not cooking.

Rebecca Guevara, A voice of occasional reason.

Pat Conroy with Suzanne Williamson Pollak
Doubleday, 2004

How does he do it? How does he make love and humor sound sincere with a vocabulary writing teachers would call pretentious, sometimes nearing trite? . . .my passel of fine and comely wives.(?) How does he juggle the main plot of cooking and how food has changed his life with the strong subplot that teaches writing techniques? Perhaps the answer is the same way he has written some of the most finely told stories of contemporary life on his shelf of published books.

The “how” questions of this book are the puzzles of technique and true voice writers individually develop by whatever means available. Conroy’s voice is worth reading for a new writer, even in a cookbook. Notice example, context, and tone in this book right along with how many cardamom seeds to count.

A pleasure of this book is…

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